tokenlockTokenLock is a Mac application that automates the securing of your Mac desktop or notebook using its own lockscreen, the built-in OS X screensaver (with password enabled), or putting your Mac to sleep. While it offers a host of options to do this, by far the coolest and most transparent way is for it to detect a bluetooth device.

Be it your iPod, iPhone, Droid, or just a generic cell phone – so long as it has bluetooth you can make use of TokenLock. No “app” needs to be installed on your mobile device to use it. Setup TokenLock to pair with your device and walk away, it’s really that simple. When TokenLock no longer detects your device is in range it will lock your computer. When you return, and your device is again detected by TokenLock, your computer will unlock and be waiting for you to use it.

Okay, so you don’t have something with bluetooth. You can also setup TokenLock to detect when a certain USB device is plugged in – maybe a flash drive or mp3 player – and it’ll work the same way. You can further refine your settings to disable locking when it detects that you’re on your home network instead of at work or anywhere else.

You can still do things the old fashioned way if you forget your device at home by entering your username and password manually.

TokenLock is $2.99 and is worth every penny. In a work environment like mine, where you really need to secure your computer when you walk away, the automation is well worth it.

There is a comparable “donationware” program for Windows too called BTproximity, but it only supports the bluetooth way of doing things.