YouTube – Michael Mercy

Do you like 80s Toys, Animation and Comics?  If so, the Michael Mercy channel is for you! It’s a younger channel, at only 2 years old, but his content is an amazing amount of fun.

While he does do some really good reviews on movies and TV, my favorites are the toys of the 80s. Some I had, some I really wished I had (like the USS Flagg from GI Joe!) His toy reviews are always filled with great details, but even better is that he plays with the toys in an endearing way while showing them off and places clips of the shows along with them.

…and remember, Nerdmaste!

YouTube – AvE

This guy is so much fun to listen to. While often speaking in the common man’s tongue with a Canadian flair, you quickly realize that he’s extremely smart and has a lot of real world experience.

From machining, to electronics, to engines, to taking apart brand new tools and gizmos to see how they work, this fellow is hours upon hours of entertainment.

He often says, “the world is so much easier when you realize it’s made of Legos.” That seems to be his approach for everything, just breaking it down into its Lego block and explaining how it works in a way you can understand.

You may even learn a thing or two, just don’t get the pixies angry and let out the smoke!

Find him on YouTube.

YouTube – Trekyards

One of the things I very much enjoy with our Android TVs and Roku boxes is the ability to stream YouTube channels. I’m finding more and more content that is living room-worthy and fun to just sit back and watch.

I love all things Star Trek and these two fellas deliver. Stuart Foley and Samuel Cockings bring a web series called Trekyards that does in-depth features on the ships of Star Trek, including canon and fan made designs.

A lot of times with the ship discussions they get well known Star Trek personalities from behind the scenes that actually designed them and quiz them on their design choices and reasoning.

They also do episode analysis of the new Star Trek Discovery series as well as branching out into Orville episodes.

As mentioned above, they have branched out a bit into “Fleetyards” that does the same with all manner of Sci-Fi spaceships.

The result is a well made show with lots of content and a fun and entertaining series to watch. Check them out!

TV Category Introduction & Pluto TV – Free TV!

For those that know me, you know that I’ve operated my own media centers for years based on Kodi. Kodi is a nice platform, but they have always been lacking in standard channel support like Hulu or Netflix. Plus the upkeep of dedicated Linux boxes for the immediate family has chewed into too much of my time.

So, I’ve recently changed to using Emby for my local media to replace the Kodi functionality, using Mi Boxes (AndroidTV) on the primary TVs and cheap refurbished Roku’s on the smaller TVs in the house along with the Emby channel.  The upkeep demands are minimized and now I have channel options I did not before.

I figured I’d start a TV category here to share interesting things I’ve found that others may enjoy.  It might be an interesting YouTube channel, or a channel/app I found for my Roku and/or AndroidTV box.

To start with, Pluto TV! I’m a cord-cutter and don’t miss cable TV and it’s cost one little bit. Pluto TV gives you a number of interesting channels for free, and it is totally legitimate. They have a scrolling guide that presents their 100+ channels nicely.

There are a number that are my particular favorites, from the movie channels that span various genres, old TV shows, to even a dedicated Mystery Science Theater 3000 channel – you can definitely find something of interest!

While you do have to watch the occasional commercial (hey, they have to pay the bills somehow!) that is a small thing to put up with for quality streaming channels to your device.

It streams perfectly with my Android TV and Roku and it available for many Smart TVs and never your regular computer.  Be sure to create an account to sign in so their viewer membership goes up! The more viewers, the more attractive they become to sponsors, which will make more channels available. Gee, it’s like the way TV worked in the 80s!