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Channel Changing via Firewire…

Getting prepared for HD with my home brew PVR has been fun. The final piece of the puzzle was getting NextPVR, my PC, and Time Warner HD box talking. Items needed: Tim Moore’s firestb Package ExDeus’ STB Firewire Driver Package … Continue reading

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Fan Edits

Recently, I’ve been checking out the fan edit community. These are fans that are otherwise unhappy with a movie in it’s original form or even a Director’s Cut. These folks love their movie of choice and re-edit it such that … Continue reading

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Phish Scams & User Foolishness

We’ve had a ton of Phishing Scams at work. These are attempts by people to get your user name and password so that they can, in turn, use your credentials to send out more phishing scams and spam. Usually an … Continue reading

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