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The Organizational Support Flowchart

I’ve been doing this customer service thing for awhile now. In that time I’ve seen the occasional round of people who always go “straight to the top”, even for the simplest of things. So, here’s a flow chart resembling my … Continue reading

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Dealing with MS Outlook winmail.dat Files

Everyone knows that anyone who’s anyone uses Microsoft Outlook products for email. For the remaining 81% to 86% of us that don’t, based on a couple of places in the know about who uses what, we need to deal with their … Continue reading

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CloudClip Manager

One of the first Tech Trinkets I wrote was about ClipMenu, which let you have a history of clippings on your Mac. That’s still a great tool, but what if you have multiple Macs and/or iOS devices? CloudClip Menu is a similar … Continue reading

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Contacts Sync for Google Gmail

If you have an Apple device, chances are you’re using iCloud and Apple’s Contacts app as your primary source of your contacts. But, what if you have a Google account with Gmail too? Google has their own system for contacts, … Continue reading

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I discovered Gravatar while installing WordPress. Gravatar is a great idea, a single site that stores your preferred avatar aka icon, site image, picture, whatever-you-call-it.  Then, in a supported site, when you create content or comment, your avatar is automatically added … Continue reading

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