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Resolving Slow Guest Networking With VirtualBox

At home I use VirtualBox to host some different operating systems on our Macs. VirtualBox is probably the last free VM software for the Mac OS, and it works very well. I was struggling with a Windows host and just … Continue reading

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Übersicht is a pretty nifty desktop widget gadget for OS X. Those familiar with GeekTool will have a sense already of what you can do with it. The major difference is that it is Java & Coffee based, so unlike GeekTool … Continue reading

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SteveWare? MajorApps? I wrote some stuff!

Over the years I’ve written a few small programs that made my life easier at home and/or for my Helpdesk staff. I decided to polish them up and start offering them for anyone who might find them useful. The first … Continue reading

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Rainmeter is a pretty interesting application for Windows. It displays customizable skins on your desktop that can contain all sorts of data. Clocks, weather, to-do lists, systems status – the list is almost endless. You can see a few I … Continue reading

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Upgrading or Downgrading PHP on OS X Server

Update 9/29/17: macOS Server 5.4 ships with php 7.0, so this could get you to version 7.1 or 7.2 and also be considered a downgrade guide as well if you’re not ready for the version 7 series. I have written … Continue reading

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