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Building a .pkg Installer to Deploy Profile Manager Profiles

I’ve been looking for a way to deploy profiles via a standard Mac .pkg off and on for a year. I never quite reached the annoyance level of Geeks and Repetitive Tasks (click to enlarge chart to the right) until now. Why … Continue reading

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Backing Up Profile Manager

Here’s a quick one that isn’t well documented. If you want to backup your OS X Server’s Profile Manager service e.g. all the devices, groups, and settings, issue the following commands. Backups are always a good thing, especially if your … Continue reading

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BASH Script to Fix Dovecot Message Dates

Some time ago I was migrating our home email to a new email server. At one point the date was off, specifically the year on several message’s file stamps were “2020.” This is going to present itself in a very … Continue reading

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