WordPress Plugin: Crayon Syntax Highlighter

I often post snippets of code or configuration files here. By default, WordPress doesn’t really have a built-in way of displaying these fragments in an easy to read format.  I’ve tried several plugins to highlight syntax, but they either did strange things with the formatting or didn’t work as I expected.

I finally found one that does the job effortlessly: Crayon Syntax Highlighter.

Here are some examples:

Crayon supports just about every language, includes a custom theme editor so that you can make your snippets appear exactly the way you want to, and can even convert existing code that is wrapped in <pre> tags. As with all WordPress plugins that are free, click the donate button if this solves a need you have!

WordPress Plugin: Easy WP SMTP

Recently I started moving some of my home server services to virtual machines. In separating my email server from my www server I ran into an issue with WordPress not sending emails any longer.

This is because WordPress uses PHP’s default setting, which is to use sendmail on the same server. This is fairly easy to configure by modifying your php.ini file to use an SMTP server, and that is an option.

However, since I prefer to keep components such as PHP as close to stock installs as possible to facilitate easy upgrades, I did not want to get into the above, as easy as that would be for me. Right now, the only thing that is making use of my PHP’s sendmail ability is WordPress.

Enter an elegant and easy to configure plugin called Easy WP SMTP. This plugin directs WordPress’ email notifications to the SMTP server of your choice and is completely configurable including supporting all authentication types as well as custom “from” fields.

As with a lot of WordPress plugins it is free, but definitely donate to the developer if it fills a need.