Finding Fantastic Fonts –

This Tech Trinket is very simple. I was looking for some holiday themed fonts recently and remembered

The site has thousands to choose from and you can see what they look like before downloading. As for usage rights, most have a “read me” file in the archive you download. Mostly these fonts are free, public domain, shareware, or a demo for a paid version. You’re likely to find what you’re looking for in the first two categories, however.

I thought this a good post because I’m frequently asked about Fonts for two reasons:

  1. Someone gets a new computer or application and their old fonts no longer work because many of the older font formats are not supported e.g. Bitmap fonts in macOS and MS Word.
  2. A new version of an Application is installed and fonts are no longer included because some big names in the publishing industry have decided you should subscribe or rent the fonts you wish to use.

Most of these fonts are excellent for the average computer user and many can pass muster for the publishing industry too. Go get creative and have some fun!

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