I Know Your Job Better Than You!

Gripes is back! It’s been years since I posted one, but it’s time.

Without further ado:

I’ve been privileged to work with a group of talented people over the decades, some I count as geniuses in their field. They helped me and my area of responsibility greatly and taught me a lot. Even the disagreements were productive because they often came from logical discussion and “walking the walk,” not just “talking the talk.”

Then, there are the other ones. Fortunately, I’ve known very few. The ones I do know grind my gears and exhibit these common traits:

  • Think they know how to manage your area better than you do, despite literally zero experience in the field.
  • Offer “suggestions” coming from a point-of-view of “I’m the smartest person in the room”, yet their suggestions show a complete lack of understanding of minute-to-minute and even day-to-day operations of the task/area they seem to think they are the ultimate expert on.
  • Their purported knowledge is little more than textbook knowledge or reading buzzwords and does not equate to real-world experience at all.
  • They continually blame older processes or things they don’t understand/find value in for woes across all areas.
  • Suggestions/blame noted above are often couched in vague terms with no specifics that further enforce complete lack of knowledge on the topic.
  • They have a preconceived bias/preference towards a brand or service and are unwilling to change. (Preference is fine, inability to use and adapt to that which you need to support as part of your job is not. A technology professional should be like The Borg from Star Trek. They adapt, constantly. They assimilate better tech and ways of doing things.)
  • Typically, while very good at telling you what you should be doing, their own area of responsibility is a disorganized mess. Seriously, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my area’s processes and resources. Suggestions coming from a knowledgeable point of view or a thought-out “better way” and presented logically are godsends to me and I’ve acted on most every single one.

Ignorant comments, trying to push responsibility away from where it should be (yours), or inability to use the tools at your disposal are what really grind my gears.

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