YouTube – Trekyards

One of the things I very much enjoy with our Android TVs and Roku boxes is the ability to stream YouTube channels. I’m finding more and more content that is living room-worthy and fun to just sit back and watch.

I love all things Star Trek and these two fellas deliver. Stuart Foley and Samuel Cockings bring a web series called Trekyards that does in-depth features on the ships of Star Trek, including canon and fan made designs.

A lot of times with the ship discussions they get well known Star Trek personalities from behind the scenes that actually designed them and quiz them on their design choices and reasoning.

They also do episode analysis of the new Star Trek Discovery series as well as branching out into Orville episodes.

As mentioned above, they have branched out a bit into “Fleetyards” that does the same with all manner of Sci-Fi spaceships.

The result is a well made show with lots of content and a fun and entertaining series to watch. Check them out!

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