Washing Machine Filter Upgrade

Something that always bugged me are the inset washing machine filters. You know, unhook the hoses in the back and you have archaeological dig in the machine with needle-nose pliers to unscrew them all the while contorting into various positions around or on top of the machine? This also assumes they don’t crumble and disintegrate due to cheap material in the process, thus starting a quest to find the correct one at an outrageous price.

That was me, but no longer. A little research showed that the pictured filters, often used with power washers, has the same screen micron size that the washing machine specification listed for OEM filters. Upgrade time!

A couple of hoses and fittings later, we now have an easily accessible filter with a simple screw off base, and should be easy to clean under a little hot water many times before it needs to be replaced. Plus, a lot more surface area means cleaning will be less often, on the order of a decade in our case.

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