Synctunes – iTunes to Android Music Sync

Synctunes is an app for Android with a desktop counterpart (macOS or Windows) that will let you sync your iTunes library, or selected playlists from an iTunes library to your Android device.

I looked at quite a few of these and settled on this one as it met all my requirements:

  1. Sync over wireless.
  2. Sync selected playlists.
  3. Use “standard” or custom locations on my android phone so that the native apps could find my media in expected location(s).
  4. Not be a service that is constantly running on my phone and consuming battery life.
  5. Sync all meta data like artwork, tracks, album and so on.
  6. Sync only changed/new tracks on subsequent syncs.

Synctunes does the job perfectly. Below are a few screen shots to show you how simple it is to use. The screenshots of the desktop app are for the macOS version, but the Windows version is nearly identical.

You’ll also note that I have SynctunesPro. The free version can sync up to 100 songs, but that gives you a good idea for testing its capabilities. As soon as I realized that it did what I wanted, I spent the $2.99 for the Pro app with unlimited sync. Money well spent considering the app is also “family sharing” enabled so everyone in the household can sync their own iTunes libraries too!

First, download the app and open it up. You can choose a location and see how many items are already on your device from any previous sync. It also gives you your Wifi information.

Open up the desktop app and you’ll see that it auto detects your device(s) in the right box. Just click to select it and then click connect.Select the playlist(s) you want, click Sync and off you go!You can watch the progress on your phone, complete with album art, as it syncs too! (Excuse the art mismatch with the actual sync metadata below. That’s me unable to get a screenshot during the sync that matched. My library is up-to-date and as it is scanning it is so fast the album information is literally “blink of an eye” quick! When it actually has something to transfer it appears as it should.)

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