Gatekeeper & App Translocation on macOS

This is a quick trinket to fix an issue with App Translocation and Gatekeeper.

Starting with 10.12 an App from outside the App Store when run from a disk image or the downloads folder, path translocation kicks in to protect the system and runs the app in a contained read-only environment.  At least from what I can understand from the documentation.

What is supposed to happen is when a user copies that app into the Applications folder (or really most anywhere else that is valid) and run again, Gatekeeper pops-up and asks if you’re really sure you want to run it because it’s from an unknown developer and that you need to visit System Preferences -> Security to Allow it.

Somewhere along the line, an attribute is set to turn off the quarantine for the read only mode and make the app behave normally.  For whatever reason, this sometimes fails causing the app to not be able to save files or even it’s own preferences.

To fix this, you can use the xattr command via the Terminal to manually remove the quarantine attribute like so:

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