O&O ShutUp10 – Making Windows 10 More Private

ShutUp10Windows 10 is a fantastic OS. The sins of Windows 8 are virtually gone and the best of Windows 7 with its long history of progenitors is back. It’s a solid release.

Unfortunately, it’s also privacy nightmare. The breath and depth of what it shares by default, let alone the incredible amount of things in the License Agreement that Microsoft has you sign off on is simply Orwellian. Watch this quick YouTube Video that should open your eyes, even if it does have just a touch of tin-foil-hat narrative by the author, the points about privacy are valid and should concern you.

So, like others, I want to use this spiffy new OS for a variety of reasons. I started researching how to turn off a lot of these spying features. I quickly found a small group of apps that do the heavy lifting for you. After trying them, I settled on O&O ShutUp10. Have a look:


Look at the above screenshot and the sheer volume of settings it would take to turn off everything that may leak your private details. Oh, and that’s just page one. You have to scroll down to see the 2nd half.

Fortunately, they built-in a feature to Apply all recommend settings – something many of other Apps I tested lacked. It also has a 2nd level of limited recommended settings to further tighten the screws. Finally, it offers to set a System Restore Point before applying the settings so you can always roll back just in case something breaks.

O&O ShutUp10 is free and I highly recommend it for all Windows 10 users.

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