New Holland 914A Mid-Mower Replacement Casters

Spring is just about here in the Northeast and mowing season will be right behind it. I figured now would be a good time to do blog post about this because many of us will be getting our mowers out of winter storage and tuned-up for the summer.

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for replacement wheels/casters for my 60″ New Holland 914A Mid-Mount Mower deck. There is little to no information I could find on them, and I figured since this blog usually shows up well in Google searches, someone may have use for this post.

If you have one of these mowers (48″, 60″ or 72″), or the Case MWX60R which is the International Harvester equivalent, you know that the OEM casters tend to have a high failure rate. You also know that buying a whole replacement caster is insanely expensive, and even just the bearing kit can run high, not to mention your time in rebuilding the wheel.

I have found two solutions that are very cost effective and work great. The first casters I tried were these:


They work really well, but what you can’t see in the picture is that they taper a bit so that while the wheel size is 2″ which matches the OEM, it is really a 1 1/2″ wheel footprint that touches the ground. This can put some ruts in your lawn when used as the front casters. I ended up using them as the rear casters where they more or less follow along. They are still going strong after 10 years.

In the interim I fought with OEM casters a number of times. I need to replace a front one this year and I am going to use these:

These have a full 2″ wheel base that should solve the problem with the first set. I’m also heartened that in the comments there is at least one other person who used these with their mower. I just received them and they look fantastic and sturdy. I’ll post a follow-up after a couple of mowings on how they did.

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    1. Very well, actually! I only had a chance to try them twice last fall and we’re just getting into spring here. I think they’ll hold up very well if kept cleaned and lubed.

  1. I am having a similar problem finding affordable replacement wheels. The dealer wants 85 bucks !! The issue I have is that the bore is 21mm (13/16″). Did you have the same problem or do you have the newer model with the smaller bore.


    1. Mine are 1/2 inch. If you look around the site I linked, you may find a similar item in the size you need. Alternately, a decent steel bushing could adapt the size. Many of these casters are the same wheel with just the correct size bushing included.

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