“I have a friend…”

As of this date I figure I’ve been working professionally with computers, full time, for 13 years. Sometimes working campus, or consulting in the evening, I will diagnose a problem for a user/customer and will get the following phrase: "Well, I have a friend who thinks it could be this." My usual reply is, "Great! Let’s get him in here to fix it their way!" None of these "friend experts," as I call them, have ever bothered to show up to prove me wrong. Its easy to give advice and sound like an expert, I’d like to see these people implement their advice just once.

Backup Your Data!

Working in computer service it always amazes me how many people don’t backup their important stuff! For the record, a computer service engineer is a highly trained and skilled individual, but we are not miracle workers! If you hard disk crashes we may not be able to recover your data! Getting mad and annoyed with us when we tell you this will not resurrect your data. There are specialized data recovery services that can recover your data, but usually this costs at least $1000! Buy a Zip drive, buy a tape drive, backup to floppy disks, but an external hard drive and backup your data! A hard disk crash can happen to you! I’m a tech and backup my own data once a week, does that tell you something? I hope so!

Turn Signals

Just about since the dawn of the automobile, the makers of these machines have put these simply wonderful devices on them called Signal Lights! (Aka blinkers, directional lights, and flashing thingy.) They let the other drivers around the operator of the automobile know which way they intend to go. To the drivers out on the road that have not used that thing sticking out of the left side of their steering column since their driving test – use it! I can’t read your mind!

Hurry Up & Go!

Nothing, nothing, ticks me off more than this: You’re driving down a street and about 500 feet ahead of you a car is getting to a stop sign, blows through it, and makes a right in your lane to get ahead of you.

So, that person is in a hurry, right? After what they just did you’d figure they would be a dot on the horizon in two minutes because they are late for something. Wrong. These brain dead idiots who are in such a hurry to get in front of you always end up going 20MPH in a 40MPH zone.

Sporting Events on TV

The thing I hate the most about televised sports is the over-runs (mostly football games.) If a game goes past 7pm and a show *I* want to watch is bumped – I get really ticked. What makes football more important than what I want to watch? Now, this can be expected to happen. The REAL problem I have is the stupid post game show they have on with the aging sports figure turned wanna-be sports caster. This crap usually extends my fury for at least half an hour.